IT Education Zimbabwe Trust

About Us

Who we are!

IT Education Zimbabwe (ITEZ) was established in 2015 with a mission to promote and transform ICT education in Zimbabwe. It provides computers, ICT equipment and software, technical support and ICT training to help educate and teach the benefits of ICT to schools, educational institutions, students and teachers. By Providing low-cost refurbished computers, projectors and printers our aim is to build the digital divide.

With a independent board of trustees, our organization strives to provide high quality refurbished ICT Equipment, educational material and ICT training to the community at large.


By providing ICT access we enable students to access more resources, equip teachers with the basic tools they need to support their lessons and enhance 21st century learning in the school.


Furthermore, by connecting and sharing resources efficiency at schools can be significantly increased. We expect:

  • Significant improvement in the pupil-computer ratios, i.e. pupils will have first-hand experience using a computer and will not be bound to theory only lessons
  • Improvement in the quality of teaching through the use of visual aids
  • Increase in the amount of time each pupil receives IT training
  • Improvement in the teaching of other subjects - the computers should be available to the teachers of other subjects so they can access the educational material relevant to their subject


Due to technological advancements, ITEZ also manages the recycling of Obsolete hardware free of charge.